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Well, you missed the first Zumba class tonight… what a riot! There were quite a few ladies there (about 12-15) and we were all looking pretty good (ha ha). I was in the front row because everyone else grabbed the back of the room!… so when we were shakin’ our grove thing… guess who was one of the ones in view! Yup…

Anyway, just so the kids wouldn’t miss me, I stopped in before class AND after. Oh yeah… earlier I got some of the catnip out of the catnip bouquet (it was in the basket so I figured it was ok to give them) and Simon LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! When I came back after class, he walked over and sat next to the scratch box.. waiting (that’s where I put the catnip earlier)… so I could not disappoint him, (especially knowing he was going to be disappointed because I wasn’t going to let him outside), so I got him some more. Simon is happy kitty now.